Crater causes intense traffic on marginal this Wednesday

The crater opened after the accident in the works of Line 6-Orange of the Metro causes intense traffic on the morning of this Wednesday (2). In accordance with CET (Companhia de Engenharia de Tráfego), the Tietê waterfront has 3.9 km of traffic in the Castelo Branco-Ayrton Senna direction, via the local lane, and 4 km via the expressway.

On Wednesday morning, teams carry out concreting work in the crater, which should take ten days. The center lane is not expected to be released. CET plans what to do with motorcyclists, who cannot travel on the express lane – a detour must be made for motorcyclists and bus lines.

The mayor of São Paulo, Ricardo Nunes, accompanied by a delegation from the city hall, was at the site, in the early hours of this Wednesday, inspecting the emergency works that were started to prevent further accidents.

The head of the municipal executive explained that workers put stones and concrete in the area so that there are no more landslides and prevent the damaged area from reaching more lanes. The city expects this work to be completed in ten days. The expectation is to free up traffic in the central lane after these repairs. The reopening of the local track continues without a set date.

“We are seeing a situation of diversion studied by CET to serve mainly five bus lines that pass through this route, which transport 40 thousand people a day”, said Mayor Ricardo Nunes.

In the middle of the central lane, employees of a gas company opened cracks to close the pipeline that exists next to the crater and, in this way, avoid new problems.

Causes of the accident
The Metropolitan Transport Department and Sabesp follow the accident in the ventilation shaft of Line 6-Orange of the Metro and the rupture of the sewage pipe next to the works to determine the facts and responsibilities.

After collapse, marginal Tietê continues to operate with restrictions
This Wednesday morning, the Official State Gazette published the formation of a committee created by the Metropolitan Transport Department together with the Infrastructure and Environment Department that will investigate, among other measures, the facts and responsibilities, monitor compliance of the necessary measures and ensure the transparency of the measures adopted.

The committee will be made up of professionals with expertise in the technical, financial, legal and communication areas. The group may invite representatives of entities of the direct or indirect administration of the state of São Paulo, the Municipality of São Paulo and public service concessionaires to participate in the work, with a view to adopting measures for the rapid normalization of local traffic and the resumption of of the works.

On Tuesday afternoon (1⁰), the first meeting of the committee was held, with the participation of 20 people involved in the solution of the accident.

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