One Of The Sons of Senator Gregorio To Be Under Investigation

One Of The Sons of Senator Gregorio To Be Under Investigation

The authorities have arrested about 60 people as part of an operation against drug trafficking in different parts of the island that began early yesterday night and early today, Tuesday.

They call on the authorities to clarify how a 33-year-old mother died in Cupe intervention is directed by agents of the Police Bureau , while federal agencies – such as the Immigration and Customs Service (ICE, in English) – offer reinforcements.

“These arrests, which are for controlled substances, are of people linked to violent acts. It is around the entire island, including Caguas, Bayamón and Guaynabo. We have 60 people already detained, ”said Colonel Pedro Sánchez.

“We were serving 100 arrest warrants for controlled substances,” added the agent.

At the moment, this media has evidence of arrests in the El Llano de Guaynabo sector and in the Virgilio Dávila residential area of ​​Bayamón.

The senator’s son was accompanied by another man in a black Infinity vehicle.

Agents from the Agency for Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) are interviewing the young man, El Nuevo Día learned from a source.

This medium tried to contact the senator by accumulation, but has not received a response at the moment.

He explained that the man was seized with a pistol with its magazine, two additional chargers, an automatic chip, a vest and a mask.

One of the arrests was made in the Los Llanos sector, Guaynabo. (Alex Figueroa Cancel)
The Department of Public Safety called the operation “historic.” However, the balance of the intervention will not be known until later in the day.

The Department of Justice participated in the investigation prior to the operation.

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