SEPE Subsidy For People Who Have Lost A Permanent Disability Pension

SEPE Subsidy For People Who Have Lost A Permanent Disability Pension

Permanent disability pensions are not always eternal. Due to reviews by the medical court or improvements in the health of the worker, it may be the case that an absolute or total disability is changed for a partial one or, even, for the absence of disability. This causes the person receiving the benefit, if he does not work, to lose a key source of income.

For these situations, the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) provides a benefit that can help the person who has suffered the loss of his permanent disability pension .

The agency explains on its website that “this subsidy may be received by workers who are declared fully capable or incapacitated in the degree of partial permanent disability as a result of a review file for improvement of a situation of great disability, absolute permanent disability or total for the usual profession “.

Although the loss or reduction of permanent disability is an inexcusable condition to receive this subsidy, the SEPE obliges the citizen to meet several more requirements to be able to collect the aid. They are explained on their website and are as follows:

-Being in a situation of unemployment.

-Register as a job seeker during the month following the file that changed or eliminated the permanent disability.

-Not reject suitable job offers or refuse to participate (except for just cause) in promotion, training or professional retraining actions from the time of registration as a job seeker.

-Lack of monthly income higher than 75% of the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI), excluding the proportional part of two extraordinary payments. If this requirement is not met but, throughout the year, it is met, you can apply for the subsidy as long as the other conditions are maintained.

The SEPE informs that in order to collect this subsidy, the requirements must be met at all times, including the extensions allowed by the regulations. It also explains that, if the person were entitled to the subsidy for those over 52 years of age, they would receive this and not the subsidy for losing a permanent disability.

What is its amount and when does it last
The amount of the subsidy is 80% of the Public Indicator of Multiple Effects Income (Iprem), that is, 451.92 euros per month that will be paid into the beneficiary’s bank account between the 10th and 15th of each month.

The subsidy can be collected in the first instance for a period of six months, although after that time up to two extensions can be requested, so that in the best of cases the subsidy can be extended to a total of 18 months.

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