Collect Unemployment From Your Mobile And In A Few Minutes

Collect Unemployment From Your Mobile And In A Few Minutes

So you can know if you will collect unemployment from your mobile and in a few minutes. The SEPE has a guide with nine easy steps to check. Via SMS, we can even know the amount and its duration.

When a person is left without a job, they have unemployment, their particular lifeline, in their contributory unemployment benefit. However, some citizens may not be entitled to this benefit or have doubts about whether they will be able to collect it or not.

For these people, the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) has explained in its profile of the social network Twitter that the status of the unemployment application can be consulted through the mobile phone, in a process of nine simple steps that do not occupy more than a few minutes.

In the first place, the citizen will have to enter the website of the SEPE Electronic Office , available at this link . When you do, you must enter the ‘ Procedures and services ‘ section and then the ‘ People ‘ section.

At this point, you have to select the option ‘ Consult the data and receipt of your service ‘ and then choose ‘Service inquiries ‘. The method to select is ‘ Mobile phone pin ‘.

The system will require you to enter your NIF or NIE and the telephone number . Then you have to enter the password that the system sends by SMS to the mobile phone provided by the citizen. At that time, the citizen will be able to consult if the benefit is recognized, as well as its amount and its duration.

The amount of the benefit during the first 180 days is 70% of the worker’s regulatory base and afterwards it is 50% of said base until the right to the benefit ends. There are limits for both the minimum amount and the maximum amount, and they depend on whether or not you have dependent children.

For its part, the duration of the benefit depends exclusively on the previous contribution period. To be entitled to collect unemployment, at least 360 days of contributions are needed, and from there a longer period of contribution will in turn entitle a longer duration of the benefit, with a maximum of 720 days of benefit for contribution periods of 2,160 days or more.

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