Beamonte Calls On The DGA For Dialogue By Mark1199

Beamonte Calls On The DGA For Dialogue By Mark1199

Beamonte (PP Aragón) calls on the DGA for “dialogue” and serious commitments with the sectors affected by the pandemic. The president of the PP-Aragon, Luis María Beamonte, has called on the Government of Aragon to dialogue with the sectors that are affected by the pandemic, which in the Community has already reached the sixth wave, and that puts into place serious and quick commitments to be effective and generate certainty.

Beamonte has met this Thursday with the Benasque Valley Business Tourism Association to listen to the demands of a sector that “has very resentful economies as it is greatly affected by the decisions that the Government of Aragon has taken and which has not yet reached not a euro of the promised aid, “he warned. He also recalled that the PP was always against the closure of the ski resorts of the Huesca Pyrenees and the province of Teruel.

In this sense, he has criticized that “the regional executive has not been able to combine the health and economic aspect in this crisis and now we see the consequences of this mismanagement”, expressing his fear that, “when these aid arrive, it will be too late because many businesses that have lowered their blinds can no longer reopen them. ” Beamonte Calls On The DGA For Dialogue By Mark1199

For the leader of the PP in Aragon, it is essential that “every time restrictions are applied to any activity, they automatically approve economic compensation for all affected activities,” at the same time that he has defended the need to be agile and to implement economic stimulus policies and tax incentives.

For this reason, he has asked the Government of Aragon for a clear political agenda, in which the priorities of the Community are marked, and its fulfillment is demanded from the Government of Spain because “we must end the uncertainty and unrest”. Beamonte Calls On The DGA For Dialogue By Mark1199

The president of the popular Aragonese has wanted to convey to tourism entrepreneurs, and will also do so to the SOS Pyrenees Platform with which he is meeting this afternoon, that “there is another way of doing things and managing”, which is the model that defends the Popular Party focused on “recovering the opportunities of families, entrepreneurs, protecting the productive fabric and our territory, each day more damaged because the problems that we were already dragging are aggravated by this pandemic.”

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