The Catalan Performs For The First Time Live The Songs

The Catalan Performs For The First Time Live The Songs

Within 15 minutes of starting, Bad Gyal’s heart was pounding out of his mouth. It had been a long-long time since he did a concert, in his case, a waste of energy more than important. There is no muscle that stops moving for a second when he takes the stage. His agenda, like everyone else’s, jumped into the air and now it was time to reprimand the march.

He did it on Saturday night in a restricted concert at the Casa Seat in Barcelona with about 70 guests. An intimate but great Bad Gyal at the same time, as he continually aspires to greater things. A way to warm up engines for what will come in the future that, in his case, is always superior to the present. On the horizon, his postponed great concert in Barcelona, ​​scheduled first at the Sant Jordi Club (last November 27) and finally moved to the Parc del Fòrum in a double appointment in September (days 9 and 10).

In this context, a Bad Gyal in a reduced format -but without sparing an ounce of effort-, accompanied by only two of his dancers (usually the group is older), performed for the first time live the songs of his last EP and first long since joining Interscope, ‘Warm up ‘. He featured them all in a short ‘show’ (about 40 minutes long), in which he also drew on well-known winning cards (‘Jacaranda’ and ‘Hookah’) from his deck of empowering songs.

The songs came out of his also reduced for the occasion ‘sound system’. ‘Pussy’, the last single before the release of ‘Warm up’, opened the gig. As the one who follows the rhythm with his foot, Bad Gyal did the same during his chorus by tapping his hand on his pubis. A very own step – and no less is expected – of ‘el pussy k mana’, as Alba Farelo has been known since its inception.

Bad Gyal, the star who was the ‘xavaleta’: “Nobody forces me to do anything”
Without pause, with fast transitions, without rest (he spoke a couple of times to catch air in a hot room), he continued with ‘Judas’, ‘Gasto’, ‘Blin blin’ … in a show in which dancing, at times, it takes even more prominence than music . And for that: well-deserved applause for his two squires.

After making an appeal to sisterhood, he ended the ‘remix’ of ‘Zorra’ ( with Rauw Alejandro ) to culminate a short but complete party -although corseted by mobility restrictions-, liberating and torrid of an already incontestable diva.

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