Tangana Goes To Rock With Andrés Calamaro In The Song Hong Kong

Tangana Goes To Rock With Andrés Calamaro In The Song Hong Kong

“This is a movie and there was a role written for me. This is destiny ”, says Andrés Calamaro at the end of the Hong Kong video . He tells it to C. Tangana on the roof of a Madrid building, in what seems like an improvised scene after recording the song. The two are delighted, they hug and smoke. The last hours seem like a spree. And it surely was.

C. Tangana is gradually releasing the songs from his album El madrileño, which will finally be out next Friday 26. In his collaboration with Andrés Calamaro, he has gone to the Argentine territory: Hong Kong is Madrid’s first foray into rock .

“I have a flower in my ass and a camel in Hong Kong. / I have a rocket in my pants. / I have a flower in my ass and a geisha in Japan. / Your flags in my heart,” they sing in the chorus. The song begins with an exchange of verses between the two singers. It is not until the arrival of the chorus that electric guitars and rock fundamentals enter. There is autotune , of course, but rock concepts prevail .

“In my fucking life I would have imagined that in the best album of my career there could be a rock and roll with drums and electric guitars”, wrote C. Tangana.

At the same time as Hong Kong, C. Tangana has spread Nominao, his collaboration with Jorge Drexler . In this song he also leaves the leading role to Drexler.

The lyrics tell the story of someone who was important, but who is past his time. “You had the cover not so long ago. / On your tit my tattooed phrase. / Now I have to wait at the entrance. / There is no longer a VIP or a reserved table. / Not anymore, not anymore, not anymore ”, says the song.

Videos of Hong Kong and PAYROLL are connected. All three edges appear on both, and there are two repeating locations: an elevator and a nightclub. There are girls, drums, drinks, hugs and canallitas comments.

C. Tangana’s activity doesn’t stop at music. The artist is shooting with the Catalan director Isaki Lacuesta One Year, One Night, based on the attack in the Bataclan theater in Paris. Also participating in the film are the Argentine Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, the French Noémie Merlant and the Spanish Quim Gutiérrez.

These are the 14 songs of El madrileño and the collaborations

1) Too many women

2) You stopped loving me with Niño de Elche and La Húngara

3) Eat you whole with Toquinho

4) I am never

5) split my face with Ed Maverick

6) Ungovernable with Gipsy Kings, Nicolas Reyes and Tonino Ballardo

7) Nominated with Jorge Drexler

8) A poison (G-Mix) with José Feliciano and Niño de Elche

9) You forgot with Omar Apollo

10) Dying of envy with Eliades Ochoa

11) Change ! with Carín León and Adriel Favela

12) When will I forget with Pepe Blanco

13) Fools with Kiko Veneno

14) Hong Kong with Andrés Calamaro

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