Upset In Candidacy Of Laporta With The Tusquets Letter

Upset In Candidacy Of Laporta With The Tusquets Letter

They regret the tone of the president of the manager, who speaks in the letter up to five times of “threats”, and that a private conversation has been “leaked”.

The fact that the epistolary relationship between Joan Laporta and Carles Tusquets has come to light has fed a little more the unease of the Laportista candidacy with the president of the management company. Not only has the tone of the interim’s letter bothered , which on up to five occasions speaks of “threats”, such as the fact that a private conversation was “leaked”.

“I ask that you refrain from requiring or threatening this management commission in the search for decisions that you consider may suit you under the appearance of being necessary for the club,” the interim president assigns to the former president, the most belligerent with the role of the provisional board and that in a previous letter he had warned him “to refrain from carrying out acts of economic disposition that involve an increase in the club’s debt and / or expenses.”

“If this is not the case, their performance will be capable of causing serious damage to both FC Barcelona and the current candidates proclaimed and a negligent, obstructionist and willful performance would be evidenced and against the interests of the club,” added Laporta in his previous letter .

Tusquets uses the term “threat” up to five times to refer to Laporta’s attitude, which is disfigured by his positioning in the delayed signing of Eric Garcia , the former-ten-year-old and today Manchester City center-back .

“If the management committee has not signed this contract, in no case will it have been due to their unfair and inconsiderate threats, but rather because of a show of responsibility and elegance of allowing the club’s president-elect to be the one take the decision you consider most appropriate in this regard at the time. ”

As Tusquets have copied the other candidates, the laportista team cannot ensure that it was the manager of the manager who made it reach the media. In any case, they consider the reaction of Tusquets to be out of place, whom they accuse of extending the electoral deadlines first and of not pressing enough to try to vote on 24-E.

In any case, they do not want to further the controversy and after this incident, once the elections are called for March 7 , they will return to the contained tone that Laporta had had until now.

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