Great Online Channel For French Programs

Great Online Channel For French Programs

The great ‘online’ channel for French programs

TV5MONDEplus is born, a free digital platform with a wide range of films, series, documentaries and programs exclusively in French, with subtitles in Spanish. An ideal tool to discover the Francophonie

From movies and television series to children’s spaces, entertainment programs, documentaries, magazines and podcasts . Always in French and with subtitles, aimed at a general and cultural audience. This is the new TV5MONDEplus platform.

Accessible all over the world –except in China, the USA and the Netherlands–, this new digital channel of videos on demand can be accessed for free through all web, mobile and connected TV media and chromecast .

All the contents, exclusively in French, are subtitled in five languages ​​(French, English, Spanish, Arabic and German), which makes the platform a very useful resource for listening to the French that is spoken today in different parts of the planet and discover the different French-speaking cultures.

In this way, viewers can easily follow the content without missing the plot. Because that is also one of its objectives, to promote the French language and its learning through the best programs broadcast in that language.

For the youngest, TV5MONDEplus dedicates about 400 hours through programming based on cartoons and educational content.

The navigation interface is the same for all users. But, depending on the world regions, editorialized previews are proposed for each viewer. For this, the platform offers an optional authentication to each one of them to improve, enrich and personalize the user experience.

An extensive catalog. The TV5MONDEplus catalog includes different productions and podcasts from the channels associated with the international channel TV5MONDE (France Télévisions, RFI, Radio-Canada, Télé-Québec, TV5 Québec Canada, RTS, RTBF), a single medium that connects all Francophones and francophiles of the world.

Organized by genre, the catalog is made up of 11 categories: Cinema, Discovery, Culture and Art of Living, Entertainment, French Language, TV Series and Fiction, Environment, Memory and Society, Children’s, Podcasts and Cultural Partners.

In fact, the platform also offers some programs from these cultural partners such as the Museum of Man, the Collège de France and the Canadian Cultural Center in Paris.

The new online channel starts with a selection of 3,000 hours of content in French. In the future, the catalog will amount to 5,000 hours, with an update of the offer of 150 hours every month. For the youngest, TV5MONDEplus dedicates about 400 hours through programming based on cartoons and educational content.

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