Canal Sur Remains Black After Andalusian Government Budgets Approved

Canal Sur Remains Black After Andalusian Government Budgets Approved

Canal Sur remains black while the Andalusian Government Budgets are approved

90% of public television workers support the strike, while the management reduces the monitoring to 31%

Some 150 RTVA workers have gathered on Wednesday morning at the gates of the Andalusian Parliament while voting on the Community Budget for 2021 in a protest against the cut of 14 million euros to the game destined to the public entity, one of the conditions that Vox has imposed on the coalition government of PP and Citizens in exchange for their support to carry out the Budgets.

The three channels of Canal Sur Televisión have been black since Tuesday at 08:30 in the morning, in a strike that the unions estimate was supported by 90% of the workers on Tuesday and the RTVA management estimated at 31%.

The strike called by all the unions, meeting in the Inter-Center Committee, is the workers’ response to the conditions of the extreme right party accepted by the Government of Juan Manuel Moreno, which entail, in addition to the 10% cut in the RTVA budget , the freezing of the staff and the suppression of one of the three television channels.

“Against the cuts in the RTVA” read the banner that the protesters have carried at the gates of Parliament until the approval of the new Budget, at 13.30. Later, the protesters went to the territorial center of San Juan de Aznalfarache, in Seville.

“ Canal Sur will continue in black until midnight this Wednesday. The only thing that is being broadcast are two daily newscasts of 15 minutes, in compliance with the minimum services, at 2.30pm and 8.30pm. We are very satisfied with the monitoring of the strike on the three television channels.

On the radio it has also been high, but we do not have data since they are broadcasting many programs that they had canned, ”said Joaquín Távora, general secretary of CC OO in Canal Sur.

Although the viewers, who hoped to be able to follow the National Lottery draw as every year, did not know what caused the cessation of broadcasts on Tuesday, since Wednesday morning the management has issued a sign that says:

” this chain has been interrupted yesterday and today due to the strike called by the RTVA unions. Tomorrow, Thursday, it will resume as normal ”. “This was one of our demands, because the Andalusians did not know what was happening,” said Távora.

The claims of the representatives of the 1,410 RTVA workers also include the dismissal of the director of Informative Content and Digital Transformation, Álvaro Zancajo, a request to which the PSOE and Adelante Andalucía have also joined.

To the statements of the RTVA management on Tuesday, “the maintenance of employment is guaranteed”, the Minister of Finance and European Financing, Juan Bravo, has joined this Wednesday, who has affirmed that there will be no layoffs.

“Perhaps we have not transferred the workers well, who in no case is their continuity at risk,” he acknowledged in the program El primer café, on Antena 3. According to Bravo, the agreement signed with Vox supposes “extending to Canal Sur the premises of the Andalusian Government of the effectiveness and efficiency in the management of public spending ”.

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