A Guide To Handling Christmas Eve Television

A Guide To Handling Christmas Eve Television

The usual thing is that television accompanies, in the background, family dinners on December 24. This year, with fewer and fewer meetings, this accompaniment of the small screen will have an even greater role.

Despite the exceptional nature of these Christmas holidays, the chains have chosen not to take risks and dedicate their bets for Christmas Eve to music, humor and canned spaces that collect the best moments of the year. The King’s message at 9:00 p.m., broadcast by all the networks, will, as always, kick off a conservative and familiar programming.

La 1: The most traditional offer
Telepasión (21.15) celebrates its 30th anniversary (it began airing in 1990 and this will be its 22nd edition) as the great proposal of the public channel for Christmas Eve. Florentino Fernández, Alaska and La Terremoto de Alcorcón will be the conductors of a musical special in which more than 80 faces of RTVE participate and which will have comedy as the protagonist.

With the direction of José Luis Iborra, viewers will see versions of mythical songs such as Este amor no se toca, Dancing Queen or I want to break free interpreted by the current and historical names of the house such as Ramón García, Paco Lobatón, Julia Otero or José Manuel Parada. In addition, it will include a tribute to Pau Donés by the contestants of OT 2020.

Two musical specials will follow. In the first, Raphael (22.20) celebrates his 60th anniversary on stage with guests such as Vanesa Martín, Luis Fonsi, Manuel Carrasco and Rozalén. The leading role then goes to Pablo Alborán (23.20) in a program where Malú, Lolita, Amaia or Camilo will participate.

The night will continue with Trip to the center of the TV (0.30) turned into a great karaoke with more than 200 songs.

La 2: The usual humor
The second channel of TVE will broadcast the Misa del Gallo (19:30) that Pope Francis will officiate from the Basilica of Saint Peter in the Vatican. In the evening, there will be a two-hour How We Laugh (10pm) marathon that runs through the great names of humor in Spain, from Gila to Eugenio, Tip y Coll, Chiquito de la Calzada or Martes y Trece.

Antena 3: Highlights
The Atresmedia channel once again uses its usual The best of each house (21.15), with which they cover the whole night and arrive until 3.00 in the morning. The space selects the most iconic images and moments of all the Atresmedia channels throughout 2020 in which good humor will predominate.

Before, children will be the protagonists of Now I fall! (17.45) and in Boom! (19.15), the members of Los Dispersos will share teams with Cristina Pedroche , Alberto Chicote, Eva González and Roberto Leal, who will compete for a cause of solidarity.

Four: Cinema for the whole family
After the King’s message, the Mediaset channel is not complicated either and will focus its grill on family cinema. First, with the broadcast of the animation tape Ice Age: The great cataclysm (21.15). It will be followed by the premiere of A Life Big (23.00), a science fiction film starring Matt Damon.

At dawn he will program the drama Road to Victory (1.40), with Kurt Russell, Kris Kristofferson and Dakota Fanning.

Telecinco: Kitchen with Save Me A special of The Last Supper (21.15) will be the star of the night on Telecinco.

The universe of Sálvame adapts to the most familiar celebration of the year with a delivery of its particular gastronomic contest in which collaborators of the program and famous people such as the singer María del Monte or the presenter Toñi Moreno will participate, who will form one of the couples of cooks. His adversaries will be the couple formed by Paz Padilla and Santiago Segura, while chefs Miguel Cobo and Begoña Rodrigo will act as jury.

The Sixth: Double Safe
Santiago Segura will be present twice on the television Christmas Eve, because in addition to The Last Supper, he will be, together with Agustín Jiménez, the conductor of Nochebuena Segura (21.15), a special that will review the best monologues of the comedians of El club de comedy, which La Sexta will program followed by more reruns of El club de la comedia (23.30).

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