Medical Exam Went Viral as Post Vaccine in December

Medical Exam Went Viral as Post Vaccine in December

In virtual message sharing groups publications on the Ddimer medical exam went viral as post vaccine guidance The posts reference an audio about 15 minutes long that relates supposed blood clots to Covid vaccines.

In addition to this voice recording other messages encourage the medical procedure as part of an anti-vaccine speech The caption of one of the publications makes this evident Very important audio about the Dimero D test for detection of deadly clotting after a poisonous sting Share.

To understand the medical procedure you need to understand what the Ddimer test is and what it is for In this case Ddimer is a product of the degradation of a protein fibrin It is important for the blood clotting process.

If you have a cut for example clotting is important so that the cut stops bleeding and the healing process begins A kind of plug is formed over the cut That shell that over the wound Thats made of fibrin Within our body clots with fibrin also form In this case however clots are dangerous because they reduce the space for blood circulation in the veins and arteries.

The body then has a system to break down these fibrin buildups The fragments that are left over from this process are called fibrin degradation products The DDimer is one of them.

The presence of DDimer in the blood indicates that there are clots and that the body is working on them But high levels of DDimer can indicate a major clotting process This can lead to thrombosis pulmonary thromboembolism and other dangerous and often lethal phenomena.

The infectious disease physician Marcelo Daher a member of the Brazilian Society of Infectious Diseases SBI says that recommending this test for people vaccinated against Covid is useless In fact the specialist says that the test is used to monitor patients in a severe state of the disease as the patient with Covid has a greater chance of having embolic conditions.

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