Outlet robbery in Roque (SP) Ends in shooting

Outlet robbery in Roque (SP) Ends in shooting

One suspect was shot and another detained after an exchange of fire with the Civil Police in São Roque interior of São Paulo on Monday night 29.

The two criminals were part of a gang of approximately ten men who invaded and robbed a Lacoste store inside the Catarina Fashion Outlet shopping center located at km 60 of the Castelo Branco highway.

Police hunt suspect of killing pregnant woman and stepdaughter criminals reacted again and there was another shootout One suspect was shot and another detained A vehicle was hit by gunfire and the criminals car was riddled with bullets No police were injured.

The rest of the group managed to flee through a forested area behind the post where dozens of farms are located Residents have already reported to the police that they heard knocks on their doors but did not answer because they suspected they were criminals.
The criminals arrived in two cars and went straight to the luxury clothing store Armed they announced the robbery and surrendered the employees and customers who were inside the trade.

Understand how the defendants trial for tragedy at the Kiss nightclub will be
They stole dozens of items of clothing the money that was in the register as well as cell phones and objects from the people who were there

Security noticed the action at the time of the escape and reacted starting an exchange of fire in the parking lot On the run criminals even burst through the barriers before accessing the highway

They drove about a kilometer to a gas station where another car was to be used to continue their escape What the suspects didn’t expect is for the police to be close to the address.

Men from the GER Special Reaction Group of the Civil Police of São Paulo continue their search for suspects who managed to escape

The case will be investigated by the DEIC State Department of Criminal Investigations.

In a statement Catarina Fashion Outlet confirmed the occurrence of theft in one of the stores and informed that no customer shopkeeper or shopping center employee was injured

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