Bodegas Aragonesas Reinvents The Garnacha With Its Nabulé Wine

Bodegas Aragonesas Reinvents The Garnacha With Its Nabulé Wine

The three winemakers of the winery have produced a unique wine on the market, after three years of research, of which 15,000 bottles will be produced.

The result of this work is the new Nabulé wine, which is based on a new concept of modern wine in which, more than in any other wine, the land and the old vineyard from which they come has a great role.

The new Nabulé comes from selected Grenache vineyards, more than half a century old, located between 500 and 600 meters of altitude. The daily monitoring of the vine, located in one of the highest areas, has been one of the keys to be able to break with the concept of Garnacha that was had until now and create “a new lifestyle”.

The harvest is done manually and the technical team carries out meticulous ripening controls to determine the optimal moment for harvesting.

The production is totally traditional and the extraction of the must is characterized by gentle pump-overs. The wine remains in tank for three months, then aging in new 500-liter French oak barrels. In addition, the three winemakers of the winery -Javier Vela, Javier Baselga and Fernando Ballesteros- have carried out periodic tastings to determine the optimal time for bottling.

Due to the peculiarity of the parcels where this wine comes from and the work carried out, both in the vineyard and in the winery, “a unique, subtle and elegant product has been achieved, where the terroir character prevails”.

It is a very aromatic wine, with intense, long and persistent strawberries that has been eight months in 500-liter barrels of low-toasted French oak. With a powerful image, its annual production is 15,000 bottles and its commercialization will be done in specialized stores. The price per bottle is 29 euros.

According to Enrique Chueca, general director of Bodegas Aragonesas, “our paradigm is to be continuously innovating. Within that attitude, a few years ago we considered making Grenache wines thinking of a new style, wines with great aromatic potential and much more subtle and elegant.

A Grenache that allows our clients to enjoy the variety in a new dimension, as if it were a matter of moving from portrait art to abstract art, a new evolution using the oldest vineyards. We wanted to demonstrate with this initiative that with the Garnacha incredible goals can be achieved. After three years immersed in this project, we managed to obtain the expected results in the 2019 harvest, being a source of pride for all the members of Bodegas Aragonesas “.

“Bodegas Aragonesas has very high expectations placed on this wine. It is a completely different wine from what we had until now,” says the president of Bodegas Aragonesas, Rubén Frago.

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