Rodalies Generalist Calls For Immediate Transfer of Rhodes

Rodalies Generalist Calls For Immediate Transfer of Rhodes

The Secretary General of the Department of Vice-Presidency and Digital Policies and Territories, Ricard Font, has demanded from the Government “the immediate transfer of the Rodalies Cercanias in Catalonia and Regional services” to the Generalitat de Catalunya, given the incidents registered during the first machinists’ strike day.

Font has declared that the fact of being before a strike that, among other things, “has the motivation to prevent this transfer”, makes it necessary to demand that the negotiation be opened as quickly as possible.

Also, according to Font, the objective of this transfer is that, once and for all, Catalonia has some Rodalies and Regional services ” at the height of the needs of its citizens “, who use them every day to move around and that are seen harmed by “the bad service they receive from the Rhodes operator”.

In addition, it has demanded that Rhodes use all the means at its disposal to guarantee compliance with the minimum services decreed during all the days of strike called by the drivers, because the Generalitat will be “demanding in the provision of services.”

The first day of strike organized by the Semaf machinists’ union has caused chaos in Rodalies this Thursday , by failing to comply with the minimum services decreed, according to Renfe because some machinists have not shown up for work, despite having received the letter from the services minima.

However, the spokesman for the Spanish Union of Train Machinists and Railway Helpers (Semaf), Diego Martín, explained that all the train drivers who have received the notification that they had to go to their position to comply with the minimum services are working and has affirmed that there are many letters that have been left undelivered due to the “chaos” of Rhodes human resources service .

Passengers affected by the train strike, at the Sants station in Barcelona. In the photo, a passenger complains to a Renfe driver during the strike day at Sants station.

This situation has led to the cancellation , until 5:30 p.m., of 300 trains , the temporary closure of some stations due to the crowding of passengers on their platforms , such as Plaça Catalunya, and the interruption for an hour of the train service in Sants

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