Italy has opened a new door to the Supreme Court

The arrest of Carles Puigdemont in Sardinia (Italy) has opened a new door to the Supreme Court so as not to have to trust the delivery of the former Catalan president exclusively to the Belgian justice, which until now has put obstacles in the way of executing the Euro-orders against the independence leaders who fled to that country after the unilateral declaration of independence of October 2017.

Aware of this opportunity, the instructor of the cause of the procésIn the high court, the magistrate Pablo Llarena, sent a letter to the Italian justice on Thursday in which he assures that, contrary to what was affirmed by the State Attorney.

The euro order against Carles Puigdemont is still in force and claims the appeal court from Sassari (Italy) the “immediate delivery” of the expresident. The judge also asks Italy that, if Puigdemont regains his immunity , he adopt “the measures that may be understood as necessary” to guarantee his surrender when he loses protection as an MEP again.

Llarena’s objective is to keep alive in Italy the process of execution of the euro order that began last Friday, after the arrest of Puigdemont in Sardinia, and that is reeling due to the doubts generated about the immunity of the former president and the alleged suspension of the Euroorder issued against him.

“There has been knowledge of certain information that denies that the European arrest warrant for Carles Puigdemont i Casamajó may be in force,” Llarena begins his letter, in which he opposes the thesis maintained by the State Attorney in the information sent to the General Court of the European Union (TGUE) and that led it to lift the immunity of the former Catalan leader on July 30.

The procés instructor ensures that the euro order has not been suspended due to the raising of a preliminary ruling before the European justiceon the interpretation that Belgium was making of the directive that regulates Euro-orders.

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